Memorial tower

Aggie Memorial Tower was constructed in 1950 as a permanent monument to those former students who gave their lives in defense of our nation during the Second World War. The construction was made possible through private donations from family members, friends, classmates, local businesses, and private citizens. The tower, originally the focal point of Aggie Memorial Stadium, was renovated in 2003 during the construction of the Health and Social Services Building.

Miss Era Rentfrow, the College Registrar from 1922 to 1961, recognized the need to secure the memory of those one hundred and twenty-six gallant Aggies of the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts, and gathered their photographs from families and loved ones. The photos displayed in the rededicated Memorial Tower honor their memory.

Memorial Tower is the centerpiece and heart of our college. It is not only a functional, but vital part of the College of Health and Social Services.

  • The first floor contains our past with the Aggie Memorial Room which also functions as a study lounge.
  • The second floor contains our present and provides for the future with a state-of-art computer classroom and lab.
  • The third floor holds a timeless hidden jewel with the “Tower Room”, which is used for private meetings and special gatherings.

Memorial Tower is the spirit of the Aggies. It hold the past, nourishes the present & future and is forever timeless in our hearts and minds.


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