Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows and RPCVSO

Current and Previous RPCVs

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Student Organization


The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers have a thriving community in Southern New Mexico/El Paso Area and often work in partnership with the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Student Organization. RPCVSO is a social group for RPCVs at NMSU. In addition to the occasional potluck, RPCVSO seeks out projects that help our local, national and international communities. Some of their recent projects included:


  • Collaborating with other student and community organizations to establish a library for a local domestic abuse shelter
  • Working with domestic abuse shelters in Juarez, Mexico to bring more awareness to the domestic violence issue and help the shelters raise crucial operating funds
  • International fair for a Juvenile Center
  • Assist in planting garden for Community of Hope, a local homeless facility
  • Participating in the Susan G. Koman Foundation Race for a Cure.
  • The RPCVSO is involved with Peace Corp Week each March and plan a variety of activities and events through the week, to share their stories and encourage people to consider Peace Corps as a life changing experience.


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