General Information

Cost of Education

New Mexico State University was rated 25, in Forbes 2009, America’s Top 100 Public Colleges and Universities. NMSU offers a quality education at an affordable price. The Business and Finance Office provides the most current and comprehensive information about the cost of tuition and fees.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is offered to all graduate assistants including teaching assistants, research assistants, and graduate assistants who are employed by Student Services and other support units on campus. The university will cover 70 percent of the cost of the health insurance plan while graduate assistants will cover the remaining 30 percent through payroll deductions. In addition, graduate assistants can obtain health insurance for their spouses as well as their children; the graduate assistant is responsible for this additional cost. In order to do so, they must enroll in a separate plan with Student Resources. Full-time graduate students (who are not graduate assistants) can also receive health insurance; however, they will be responsible for the full cost of the health insurance plan. For more information on the health care insurance plan, please visit


Fellows have the choice of living on or off-campus. Living on campus-in the residence halls, graduate/international student apartments, or student family housing-is a convenient option for many students. Cost includes all utilities, internet, and has the benefit of being close to classes. Charges are assessed on a semester basis and are charged directly onto a student’s account. Students can also choose to have a meal plan. Click here for more information about on-campus housing.

The following are the typical rental rates for apartments/houses off-campus, based on average Summer 2010 rates:

  • $450.00 and up (One bedroom apartment or house)
  • $600.00 and up(Two bedroom apartment or house)
  • $850.00 and up(Three bedroom apartment or house)

Most apartments and houses are unfurnished and require that you pay utilities such as electric and gas. An extensive listing of area apartments is available.



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