The College of Health and Social Services (CHSS) not only prepares students for success in the health science fields, we also pride ourselves in supplying the State of New Mexico with the security of public health and well-being for the future through quality education. Our mission is to provide students and the community with academic programs that issues affecting the quality of life in our rapidly changing society.

Our college prepares graduates with the knowledge required to make a positive impact in their communities. Additionally, the programs we offer are geared towards improving the lives of individuals, families and communities. We offer degrees in nursing, public health and social work, and it is an honor to educate students who will meaningfully serve our citizens. Our faculty conduct research and design improvements in health services, well-being and quality of life issues, many with a focus on the Border Region.

CHSS embraces the diversity of New Mexico and the unique landscape of our state. Our classes are designed to ensure that our graduates are prepared to contribute to the vibrant nature of the state.

During these unprecedented times when the health of the world is at the forefront in everyone’s minds, we as educators feel a great sense of pride knowing

that so many of those serving our public were once in our lecture halls.

As the interim dean for the college, it is my pleasure to guide the expansion of our programs and facilities as we build on our past strengths and look towards the future. We have exciting plans for our health science programs at NMSU, and are developing organizational and implementation strategies that will have the most beneficial impact on our students and community. From enrolling and graduating more students to fulfill our workforce needs, to valuable contributions in research outcomes and community engagement, the possibilities are endless and we intend to deliver!

I invite you to explore our newest CHSS publication, our website and get involved in our college; there is something for everyone at the College of Health and Social Services!

Sonya Cooper

Interim Dean