Forms and Documents

For best results, download the files and open them in Adobe Acrobat.  The forms can no longer be viewed in Chrome.
To download the forms, click the one needed, and then click the button in the top right hand corner that looks like this.

On mobile devices, tap the file you need and then select the option to open with Adobe Acrobat.

Internal forms and documents required by the College of Health and Social Services
Form/Document NameFunctionPurpose
Car Rental RequestFinanceRequest approval to rent car from Enterprise
Request for LeaveEmploymentSubmitted to supervisor for approval to take various leave
Course Exception Form AcademicRequest substitution and waivers of courses
Preliminary EPAF EmploymentApproval to hire temporary and permanent employees
Preliminary EPAF Temp FacultyEmploymentApproval to hire temporary faculty
Preliminary EPAF StudentsEmploymentApproval to hire graduate assistants and students
Funding Request FormFinanceRequest to purchase or fund
Travel AuthorizationFinance Approval to travel
Permission to Offer AuthorizationEmploymentChecklist used to submit documents for permission to offer employment
Proposal Routing FormFinanceRequired prior to submitting external funding proposals



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