Excellence in Research

This award recognizes outstanding and meritorious faculty achievement in all creative scholarly activities. Faculty demonstrate a distinguished record of past and continuing excellence in research.

Wanda Borges, 2013
Rebecca Palacios, 2013
Wanda Whittlesey, 2013
Rebecca Palacios, 2014
Becky Keele, 2015
Joseph Tomaka, 2017

Excellence in Teaching

Award is presented to the faculty member who, during the year, has had the highest student evaluation scores (based on an average for the fall and the preceding spring semester) and whose pedagogical contributions were considered by the academic head to be of the highest quality

Robert Blair, 2013
Cynthia Kratzke, 2013
Evangelina Ramirez, 2013
Maria Gurrola, 2014
Linda Summers, 2015
Debbie Cates, 2017

Faculty Excellence in Service

The Excellence in Service Award recognizes faculty members who perform meritoriously in service to the University, the community, and their profession, with a special emphasis on service to the College.

Charles Kozel, 2014
Sue Forster-Cox, 2015
Stacy Gherardi, 2017

Staff Excellence in Service

This service award honors staff members who make outstanding contributions to the success of the College through their service as university employees.

Kimberly Hill, 2014
Jennifer Cervantes, 2015
Courtney Lopez, 2015
Ana McPherson, 2017
Emma Orta, 2017