Current Students

All students are responsible for the following:

  • Scheduling an appointment, and meeting with, their academic advisor
  • Following departmental procedures to remove their advising hold.
  • Registering themselves online

Our academic advisors will be happy to help students who have completed all of these steps, and still have registration problems.

You can solve most of your own registration problems, and save yourself some time, by being proactive.  The following registration errors require an Add slip, signed by you, the course instructor, course department head, and your advisor:

  • CLAS  Class restriction – the class is limited to certain student classifications (junior or senior most commonly) and you don’t qualify.
  • CLOS Closed section – the class is full
  • CORQ Co-requisite required – you are missing a class which must be taken at the same time.
  • LEVL Level restriction – the class is limited to graduate students.
  • LINK link course required – you failed to register for a required lab.
  • MAJR Major restriction – the class is limited to certain majors and you don’t qualify.
  • PREQ Pre-requisite and test score error – you are missing a class which must be successfully completed first, or you don’t have the required test score (usually math placement or ACT).

In addition, you may see:

  • DUPS Duplicate section – you tried to register for more than one section of the same class.
  • MAXI Maximum hours exceeded – you tried to register for more credits than you are allowed.  Students in good standing may take 18, academic warning 15, probation one 13, probation two 7, and suspension 0.  If you want to take more, you must get the associate dean’s approval.
  • TIME Time conflict – you tried to register for two classes that meet at the same time, or overlap in time.  You may not register for a class that begins at the same time another ends.  The computer enforces a passing period.

If you still need assistance after following these steps, contact your advisor.


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