The third floor holds a timeless hidden jewel with the “Tower Room”.

The “Tower Room” is a perfect marriage of timeless beauty and function. The room is used for college events, private meetings and special gatherings.

A ceremony was held in April 2008, honoring the new Aggie Memorial Tower Committee. “J. Paul Taylor described the work of the Aggie Memorial Tower renovation planning committee as a group that cared about ‘not making this a drab, solemn place,’ but a place to remember those who suffered. “And that’s what it has become,” Taylor said during a ceremony to honor the committee in April 2008.

‘We are dedicated to those who gave their lives, and those of us who were alive at the time remember 95 percent of the people whose pictures are on the first floor,’ Taylor said.

Remembering those who sacrificed their lives for their country was the force that drove the renovation committee toward the ‘great labor of love’ that has since seen a completed renovation of the Aggie Memorial Tower and the Aggie Memorial Room, which holds photographs of those who lost their lives in World War II.

The Memorial Tower renovation began in 2003 during the construction of the Health and Social Services building. The original tower was constructed in 1950 as a permanent memorial to those former students who gave their lives during World War II. The tower originally served as the anchor for the seating on the west side of the football field. After the new Aggie Memorial Stadium was built, the old stadium was torn down and only the tower remained


When the health building was completed, the tower was decorated with the heart of New Mexico in mind. The furniture was recreated from 1940s-era designs and made in Mesilla, N.M. The art decorating the walls of the tower are all original creations by New Mexican artists.

‘When Paul first talked to me about this, and the importance of this tower, he wanted the feeling to recreate a space that offered more, a place that was very different and very soft. It also was suggested that we honor the state of New Mexico,’ said Nancy Byers, interior designer of the Memorial Tower and associated with Charles Inc. of Las Cruces

In his address to the renovation committee, Taylor emphasized that the tower was in its appropriate place because the Health and Social Services building had been created around it, and ‘that is really meaningful because the people who fought in the war or who came back maimed and ill needed care,’ Taylor said.

‘They needed a great deal of care from the nurses and social workers. They needed the care that is represented by this building. And so, even though the tower is dedicated to the war dead on the first floor … it is really dedicated to the people all over the state and beyond the state and those who are at this university now, being given a curriculum which is noted for the care of its people,’ said Taylor, the social justice advocate, dedicated educator and former state legislator who has helped NMSU fulfill many of its dreams.”